Simplifying Interviews for you.

Mazo BeAm

Mazo BeAm is a Talent Identification service platform blending Human and Artificial Intelligence to help you build quality teams with Simplified, Redefined & Accelerated Interview Process. The platform is pre-loaded with technology experts from across the spectrum to evaluate and shortlist the right candidate for your business needs.


Engineering Leaders

Have agreed that Software Engineers Are More Valuable Than Capital.



Stated they have Hired The Wrong Person For A Position At Some Point in time.


Missed Hiring Targets

By the inability to conduct interviews by skilled experts in adequate domains.

The Existing Scenario

  • 87% of engineering leaders agreed that “It would be easier to reach hiring targets if they had more time to interview candidates
  • Only 10% of Internal Tech Team have availability to interview candidates amongst which only 6% have the necessary expertise to conduct interviews with consistency needed to yield predictable results.
  • An average job interview process for a position takes approximately 27.5 days to complete, which results in lost opportunities and lost talent.

Our Innovative Solution

Mazo BeAm platform is built with just right combination of Human Intelligence; Artificial Intelligence; Human Touch and Machine Touch – elevating the “Interview Process” resulting beneficial outcomes in terms of Quality, Effort and Cost with high degree of assurance towards Consistency, Reliability and Integrity!

Our Crowd-Sourced Interview Panel

  • We represent a large pool of Professionals with years of experience in conducting thousands of interviews for companies ranging from large corporations to startups!
  • Our Talent group of Technical experts possess strong practical knowledge and proven ability across Technologies and Domains who just doesn’t go with set of questions but evaluate candidates real time practical knowledge.

Uberized Scheduling of Interviews

  • BeAm platform is preloaded with availability of Technical Interview panel and interviews are being auto scheduled instantly with right panel.
  • The platform is highly robust to perform with consistency, flexibilty, transparency and bias-free.

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